Zoning & Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement & Zoning Department is responsible for making sure residential or commercial applicants follow the Borough Ordinances and BOCA regulations if they are purchasing a property, adding or renovating the interior or exterior of their premises.

  • Code Enforcement Information - Applicants need to obtain a Certificate of Continued Occupancy "CCO" for a residential or commercial property sale, rental, transfer of title for occupancy.
  • Zoning Information - Applicants need to obtain a Zoning Permit for any proposed improvement and use, but not limited to, such as a fence installation, addition, pool, patio, deck, finishing a basement, commercial tenant space or signage.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Reynolds Sr. Code Enforcement Officer (732) 776-7224 ext. 42
William Doolittle Zoning Official (732) 776-7224 ext.26
Kevin Diaz Housing Official (732) 776-7224 ext. 35