Garbage Collection Schedule & Information

The Borough of Neptune City will provide garbage collection to any dwelling or business in the Borough that meet the following requirements:

  1. You are allowed up to 5 containers with lids, that do not exceed 50 lbs. or 30 gallons in capacity - each, per pickup.
  2. On your second pickup of the week, you are allowed up 3 additional bulk items (couch, mattress, etc.). Rugs must be cut, rolled, and tied up in bundles not to exceed 30 lbs. each. Mattresses and box springs must be in plastic.

Any dwelling or business that generates more garbage than what is stated above must provide, at their own expense, for the entire collection and disposal of all generated materials.

Items not acceptable for garbage collection:

Cans & Bottles, Cardboard, Concrete, Leaves, Newspapers, Brush, Asphalt, Refrigeration units, TV's (without wooded frames), Computer Monitors, Computers and related electronic accessories.

Hazardous Materials (paints, oil, asbestos, gasoline, pool chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, solvents, thinners, corrosives, etc.) - Contact the Monmouth County Health Department for more information on Hazardous Chemicals at (732) 431-7456 or (732) 683-8686.

Zone 1 - East of Union Ave. to Borough's Eastern Border (See Map)

Zone 2 - West of Union Ave. to Borough's Western Border (See Map)

Zone 1

Monday and Thursday

Zone 2

Tuesday and Friday

There will be no Recycling or Garbage Collection on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years and 4th of July.