About Emergency Management

First, follow the easy-to-use instructions in "Your Family Emergency Plan," available as pdf from the American Red Cross: click here.

If you have Disabilities or other Special Needs:

If you have Pets:

  • Read these Preparedness Tips for Your Pet. Disaster shelters cannot accept pets other than ADA assistance animals. You must plan accordingly.
  • "Stay Informed" of Possible Threats.

It is important to know about the risks that may happen in your community, and to know whether an emergency is imminent or is already taking place.

For information, please visit the American Red Cross Chapter.

  • Learn which Types of Emergency are most likely in your area, and how to prepare for each.
  • Learn about the warning signals that will be used in your community.
  • Learn about the local radio and TV stations you should tune into for emergency alerts and official instructions.

To keep track of current weather conditions and information please listen to your local radio or TV stations or visit The National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio.