2023 Council Committees

Resolution 2023-02


Administration and Finance

Chairperson: Councilman Brian Thomas
Councilwoman Danielle Pappas

Mayor Andrew Wardell
  • Borough Clerk / Elections
  • Fiance Treasurer
  • Community Center
  • Borough Attorney
  • Municipal Engineer
  • Library

Law and Ordinance

Chairperson: Councilman Glen Kocsis
Councilman Brian Thomas
Mayor Andrew Wardell
  • Construction Officials
  • Zoning Officials
  • Ordinances and Borough Code

Special Services

Chairperson: Councilman Scott Dellett
Councilman Glen Kocsis
Mayor Andrew Wardell

  • Street Lights
  • Dog Licenses
  • Board of Education Liaison
  • Neptune City Housing Authority Liaison
  • Veteran's Committee Liaison 

Public Works

Chairperson: Councilwoman Danielle Pappas
Councilman Scott Dellett
Mayor Andrew Wardell
  • Public Works Department
  • Sewer Department
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Recycling / Solid Waste
  • Shade Tree
  • Environmental Committee

Administration and Justice

Chairperson: Councilman Dana Farley
Councilwoman Pamela Renee
Mayor Andrew Wardell 
  • Municipal Court
  • Prosector
  • Police Department
  • Public Defender 

Human Services

Chairperson: Councilwoman Pamela Renee
Councilman Dana Farley
Mayor Andrew Wardell
  • Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Fire Department
  • First Aid Liaison
  • Alliance to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Memorial Day Committee